For years it was said in our family that we had Cherokee roots that went back to the Trail of Tears.  It was my wish to prove this to my grandmother before she died, which I did.  Then we attempted to enroll as Cherokee citizens, but a bureaucratic technicality stalled the application;  my grandmother died shortly after that, and our attempt to make it ‘official’ died with her.

This site was created before she died to fulfill one thing we lacked:   actual stories about our Cherokee ancestors, the Rattlinggourds.  And people were sending us information! Unfortunately, with her death, and on account of my own busy schedule, I have not been able to follow up with those folks, many of whom were looking for information as well.  I tried several methods of facilitating communication between these folks, but couldn’t get it to work.

In what I hope will finally be a success, the site has been updated with a ‘social media’ component so that people can register and converse with each other.  ‘Friend’ each other, create groups–public and private–share documents, and so on.  Even if I can’t be here, people are finding this site… so they may as well find each other, too. To get started, register for a user account, login, and then visit the ‘community‘ page to join what I hope is a vibrant conversation.

Moreover, for those interested in getting really personal, I created a Facebook page.

That’s it for now!

Yours sincerely,

Your host.